Thursday, July 06, 2006

Walking with Bill

Everyone falls in love with you
Even though you aren't that pretty
Even though you talk rough and you're
So old now.

Lately you've been sombre
And you don't really look great
In a wetsuit.
Still, everyone falls in love
With you.

In the park, everyone else had dogs: dalamatians
Alsatians, English sheep dogs
And Scottish terriers
Wagging their ends, their wet
Noses pressed against, black on black.

But the grey morning hung wet
And I hung onto you, Bill, feeling
The whales and jaguar sharks
And seahorses press against me
Everyone falls in love with me.

Heart over mind, the bird is tumbling from the sky
I'm not talking so pretty anymore.
I'm getting grey myself, but
Everyone falls in love with you.

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