Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where Paradise Begins

Paradise Grill
She walked slowly, putting a heel in front of a
Toe, and when she arrived to the corner
She asked the man who was waiting there--
The one who wore too much aftershave-- if he knew
Where to find Paradise Grill, and she
Described the place before he had a chance
To answer. "The vinyl booths are red,
But not just red... the stars shine from the
Seats and above the counter, there's a
Small train that travels from here to there,
Stopping only to pick up, deliver your
Frosty beverage. And each table is its own
Jukebox island, with "Love Me Tender" spinning
Here and Jailhouse Rock over there, where
The couple is eating and listening, and not
Speaking, but not because they don't love each
Other anymore." And she smiled,
Because it was the place in the question to
Do so, and he shook his head, because it was
The answer apropos, and she nodded, "Thank you
Anyway" and crossed into the road, without looking.
The light was in her favor.

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