Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Questions for a Girlfriend

Sweetie I don't have to know what you see,
When he turns his baseball hat ghetto-sideways.
I don't need to know
how you met, or the
circumstances of seduction that, anyway, become
Like a math equation to someone not there.
I won't ask you, lovely, what he said the first time,
That made your stomach flutter...
Because that is a language that does not
translate to anyone else.

Candied heart friend of mine, I don't need to know
about date one or two or three, or whichever one
Tipped you both into the pool of forever, after that long
Friendship the two of you shared.

Instead, would you mind, angel light, whispering to me
The secret of the comforted glow you carry?
I'd like to borrow a bottle or two of your joy and also
One of your kindness, which isn't yours solely,
But a table tennis match between you.

Chocolate dipped heart of mine, when I watch you rage
sweetly over the daily frustrations, I am not seeing
Funnel clouds or hurricane sweeps .
I am seeing the hard-work-nest you and your love
Have built together, the cozy where you three settle in together
In times alone and perfect,
where the noise of life is
Breath and giggle and bare feet
on the wood floor.

And then I want to ask:
may I borrow your blueprint?